Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Roman General: Gaius Cassius Longinus

Cassius distinguished himself in the Parthian War (53—51 B.C.). He joined Pompey the Great against Julius Caesar and in 48 B.C. fought at the Battle of Pharsala.

Although Caesar was victorious, he made Cassius praetor in Rome and promised to make him governor of Syria the following year. However, Cassius continued to conspire against Caesar and took part in his assassination in 44 B.C. Shortly afterward, Cassius fled to Syria, raised an army, and joined with Brutus to resist the armies of Octavian and Mark Antony.

The armies met at Philippi in Macedonia. There Cassius, thinking the battle was lost, killed himself.

Died near Philippi, Macedonia, 42 B.C.

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