Sunday, May 10, 2009

Roman General: Lucius Cornelius Cinna

Lucius Cornelius Cinna, Roman magistrate and politician, leader of the Marian faction during Sulla's absence in the east, 87-84 BC.

Before leaving Rome, Sulla had allowed his election to the consulship on condition of his taking an oath not to alter the existing constitution. Soon afterwards Cinna violated his oath; riots ensued, and he was expelled from the city. Together with Marius he returned at the head of an army, captured Rome, and was consul for three successive years (86-84 BC).

Proscriptions followed, and the death of Marius in January 86 left Cinna leader of the popular party. Receiving news of Sulla's imminent return in 84, Cinna prepared to resist him, but was murdered by his own troops. His son, of the same name, was privy to Caesar's murder in 44 BC.

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