Friday, May 8, 2009

Roman General: Marcus Atilius Regulus

Regulus was consul in 267 B.C. and completed the Roman conquest of southern Italy with the capture of Brundisium (now Brindisi). In 256 B.C. he was again elected consul. He led an expedition against Carthage and reached the city walls. The Carthaginians sued for peace but rejected Regulus' harsh terms. The Romans besieged the city until the next year.

In 255 B.C. the Carthaginians raised a new army that decisively defeated the Romans and took Regulus prisoner. Regulus was sent to Rome in 250 B.C. to urge acceptance of Carthage's terms for ending the First Punic War. Instead, he urged the Romans to continue the war.

Having given his word to his captors, he returned to Carthage, where he was put to death.

Died about 250 B.C.

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